Dr. Kamson Operates on Spine Doctor

The Doctor Patient

Doctor Solomon Kamson of the Spine Institute Northwest recently operated on Dr. Steven Levine, who is himself an anesthesiologist, pain management specialist, and minimally invasive surgery physician who practices in Carmel, Indiana.

Dr. Levine, who had a bout of back problems, placed his trust in Dr. Kamson, whom he asserts is “one of the few doctors in the US who can do what needs to be done in a less invasive manner.”

While not discounting the excellent work of orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons in treating back pain, Dr. Levine wanted a long term solution that would require the least amount of surgery in the least invasive manner which would result in the quickest recovery time.

You can’t fix back pain with surgery. The goal is to avoid surgery.

While having surgery is at times unavoidable, Dr. Levine believes that in treating back pain, less is always more. The least amount of surgery performed on his spine would avoid destabilizing his spine and causing a myriad of complications such as spinal stenosis or disc degeneration which would mean he would have to have another round of surgeries in the future.

“Open back surgery would work but within five to seven years degeneration of spine segments would occur, then requiring a fusion.”

Lack of Physicians in the United States

“As a doctor in the US, it is hard to find providers when we get sick and need care.” Specialists who do this type of work are not in the United States. They are in Asia and Europe. Doctor Kamson is one of the few physicians with the knowledge and expertise to successfully treat back pain in a less invasive manner by surgical decompression.

Thanks to the short downtime involved in minimally invasive surgery, Dr. Levine was able to freely move about on the same day as his procedure with just a small incision in his back covered by a band-aid.

To complete Dr. Levine’s treatment, Dr. Kamson also used stem cells to help regenerate cartilage and heal the damaged disc.