Patient Testimonials

Read what Dr. Solomon Kamson’s patients say about his practice and his work at Spine Institute Northwest.

Dr. Solomon Kamson

“I wasn’t able to go walking or anything like that…I think it was about three weeks after the surgery, I went for a half-mile walk.”

AL GATTI, SINW patient on being able to walk after surgery

“I didn’t think it would be this good, honestly. From what I’ve read online and from experience, I thought it would be that I would still need some sort of oral pain medication. It seems like the majority of patients still need some sort of pain medication, so to be where I am, I’m pretty impressed.”

ANDREA SNYDER-NELSON, on being impressed with the results of her surgery at Spine Institute Northwest

” He indicated that he would make my neck feel better, which I wasn’t sure about. You know, that’s a grand claim, but certainly that has come to pass.”

ERIC SMITH, on Dr. Kamson’s claim of relieving his neck pain after surgery

“I can move without having to ‘Ouch!’, without having to ‘Dammit!’ I shouldn’t have done that kind of stuff” So, yeah, it improved my quality of life big time!”

MITCHELL PIORKOWSKI, on the disapperance of his pain after his treatment at SINW

” Got out of the recovery room, got up, walked out of here, got in the car, and rode back home, and there was no – very – I mean there wasn’t any pain.”

JASON SKIDMORE, on being able to walk out of surgery and being pain-free after his treatment at SINW

“I walk straight now. I don’t walk like an S.”

– CHRIS CATRON, on his posture after surgery from Dr. Kamson

“I have a lot less pain, almost pain free, so that’s a good thing.”

MARK TIDBALL, on his pain level after surgery

“One of the things I liked about you guys is nobody pressured me into ‘Hey are you going to do this’ or calling me constantly. I had my questions, you guys provided me answers, you gave me options, ‘Hey this is what I can do, this is how much it’s going to cost and just decide and let us know,’ right, so I didn’t feel like oh okay, these guys are calling me nonstop because all they want is this money from me, right, rather they’re concern was more getting me better.”

PASHA KOULECHOV, on the quality of service at Spine Institute Northwest

“I was struck at the time by just how compassionate and positive that he was that he could help reduce my pain, if not eliminate it altogether. And I remember getting off the phone and calling my husband so excited and saying I had finally found someone who just really gets it and who thinks they can help and I don’t have to live with it anymore.”

– AMY KLINGELE, remembering her interaction with Dr. Kamson

“Definitely have it looked at. This procedure is new… but it’s wonderful. I’d do it again, but I just don’t want to do it again right away!  But I would if need be. It’s a great procedure. I’m just amazed.”

TINA MORRIS, on her experience of minimally invasive surgery for back pain at SINW


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