Dr. Kamson 2016 Testimonials

Here are the latest patient surgery testimonials from Spine Institute Northwest this 2016.

Watch Dave Patten Patten’s YouTube Testimonial on His Back Surgery

Jim Perri’s Lumbar Procedure

Jim was operated on by Doctor Kamson at Spine Institute NW for a ruptured L5 disc on his spine. After about 2 months post surgery, he is free from back pain, leg pain, and sciatic pain.

“A 100% change in my life…I have no more back pain, no more leg pain. My right leg, the sciatic nerve on it was the one that developed the pain on it. That pain has disappeared and gone away.”

Chronic Back Pain: Randall Huff’s Experience at Spine Institute Northwest

back pain cured


Intense back pain meant that Randall Huff could no longer play his favourite sport, softball, which bothered him greatly. After speaking with Dr. Kamson at Spine Institute Northwest, he was convinced that minimally invasive surgery was the way to go.  Afraid of undergoing surgery at first but finally deciding to have it done, Randall says:

“My nerve was wrapped in there pretty bad between one of my discs causing a lot of pain…I needed it done, I knew I couldn’t go on working if I didn’t.”

Randall was also concerned about the possible outcome of his procedure:

The only thing I was skeptical about was is it gonna be like what I’ve heard from other people that they got messed up and it’s worse or they had to have another back surgery ’cause it didn’t take or whatever the case is, you know. I haven’t had that experience at all. I actually felt great.”

Laser Spine Sugery: Tim Watts

Tim’s sciatica became worse and worse and the pain had started to go down his left leg, causing both his feet to go numb. Tim had tried all the traditional ‘remedies’ for treating his pain including pain killers, steroid injections, and even physical therapy but none of these provided him with any lasting relief. Of the whole process and his experience with Dr. Kamson, Tim had this to say:

“He’s very professional. The surgical process was very organized and I would recommend it to anybody.”

Herniated Disc Repair: Mary Halabi

Mistaking a herniated disc for a pulled muscle, Mary put off having her back looked at by a specialist until the pain in her back got so bad that she could not even move and all she could do was lie on the floor all day. Just 8 days later after her procedure, Mary went back to school and has not missed a class since.

Dwayne Burnell’s Minimally Invasive Back Procedure Helped Him Become Active Again

laser spine surgery review

“I love the outdoors – hiking, skiing, and cycling but I wouldn’t be doing much of anything without Dr. Kamson’s skill and expertise.”

Cameron Reyes: Chronic Back Pain Relieved


Years of physical sports took a toll on Cameron’s body. With the stress of doing wrestling, lifting weights, and playing football, Cameron ended up with back pain which severely limited his movement. On being told by the doctor that he could ease his suffering, he had this to say:

“I got a new start. I got a fresh start. Mine was a gradual (pain) and every year got worse than the last. I know you guys understand but I don’t think that you can fathom how I feel on what you guys did for me. I really do genuinely appreciate what Doctor (Kamson) did to me and how he fixed my back and how it’s just a new life.”

Relief for Jeremiah Dawson’s Neck and Back Pain

Working as a field training officer took a toll on Jeremiah’s back. He put up with the pain for some 10 years before seeking treatment at Spine Institute Northwest. Minimally invasive spinal fusion finally relieved him of his symptoms and pain.

“I have more range of motion in my back and neck before the surgery because of the pain.”

Michelle Roberts’ Cervical Fusion

Arthritic degeneration severely limited Michelle’s movement before she had spinal fusion performed on her back at Spine Institute Northwest. Simple daily activities such as driving, lifting things, and combing her hair were very hard to do since she was in pain most of the time. At the end of her rope, she went and met with Dr. Solomon Kamson to schedule an operation. Watch her relate her experience in the video below:

Dan Schmalzried

Military veteran, Daniel Schmalzried, underwent spinal surgery to repair a bulging disc on his back – the result of years of heavy work finally taking a toll on his back. Of his procedure and how he felt afterwards, Dan says:

“It almost feels like a miracle.”