Patients’ Lives Change After Surgery at SINW

Patient with Sciatica: Melissa Drewery

sciatica relief

Told by no less than 5 different doctors that nothing could be done for her back pain, Melissa Drewery was beginning to lose any hope for leading a normal, pain-free life in the future. After Melissa hurt her back in 2009, her pain got progressively worse, promoting her to seek treatment from traditional doctors.

All of these doctors Melissa diagnosed her with sciatica without even giving her an MRI or an X-ray.

Being overweight, Melissa was told that nothing further could be done for her and that losing weight and taking pain killers would be her best bet to deal with her back pain. Instead of giving up, Melissa sought treatment from Doctor Kamson at Spine Institute Northwest.

Weight Not the Cause of Back Pain

After meeting with Dr. Kamson, Melissa received a very different opinion on how to approach her back problem. “Your weight is not causing your back problem,” Doctor Kamson told her. Doctor Kamson explained to Melissa that the weight issue was something that they could work on in the future, but first they had to deal with the injury to her back.

After Melissa’s procedure, she was able to go back to work and do her day-to-day activities – all without taking any medication.

Melissa encourages other back pain sufferers to “come to Spine Institute Northwest and see what can happen.”

Watch Melissa’s testimony in the YouTube video below.


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