2015 Patient Success Stories

Here are some excerpts from our patients at Spine Institute Northwest from the year 2015:

David Hurlbut – Herniated Disc

David relates his experience at Spine Insitute NW and having his operation done by Dr. Solomon Kamson.

Glenn Steig – Sciatica

As a package delivery man, Glenn Steig has to move quickly and lift boxes all day long. What Glenn thought was a simple pulled muscle during an unfortunate accident at work turned out into something much worse – sciatica – which made his legs to go numb and cause intense leg pain.

“It made me really grumpy..I was getting worse and worse. I was at a point where I could hardly do anything anymore.”

Looking for a treatment that didn’t require weeks of downtime and shying away from more invasive procedures, Glenn sought the help of Dr. Kamson at SINW:

“You repaired one disc, replaced one disc, you got rid of some arthritis on my back…I now have no pain in my legs at all.”


Irma Stennes – Lumbar Fusion

“I couldn’t have worked thirty minutes before, it was wonderful.”

-Irma Stennes, Dr. Kamson’s 90-year young patient talking of her lumbar fusion procedure

Sissy Falcon Johnson – Back Surgery for Herniated Disc

“I had a blown disc..I lost feeling in my legs, I couldn’t even do dishes anymore…It felt so good to have folks like yourself and the staff that were just phenomenal…Coming from the pain that I was in to today, I’d say it was a good miracle.”

John Wieler Talks of His Lumbar Decompression Procedure Performed by Dr. Kamson

“I’ve had leg and back pain for the past four and a half years…I wasn’t able to lift very much or exercise or anything, it was bothering me more and more…I found this place (Spine Institute Northwest)…the immediate difference after surgery was that I did not have leg or ankle pain and my heel had feeling again which I haven’t had for a long time.”

Michael Shaffer – Slipped Disc Treatment

Six months after his successful operation, Michael Shaffer had this to say:

“My recovery is going really well, I have very little pain. Before I had surgery I couldn’t even walk, I was on the floor for days.”

Lori Kuzior – Fusion

After her spinal fusion procedure, Lori had this to say:

“It is such a relief to be normal again… it was just fantastic.”

Hear Lori’s testimonial about her procedure below:

Michael Reitz – Spinal Decompression


From having back pain so bad that it made work so difficult, Michael Reitz is now pain-free after having his spine decompressed by Dr. Kamson.

“It’s great. I feel a lot better..I would recommend Dr. Kamson to anybody who has back problems.”

Jaselyn Lee Describes Her Discectomy 


“I couldn’t even sit. If I sat my whole left leg would get numb, I wouldn’t be able to feel it. ” After her operation, Jaselyn says, “It’s amazing. I’m back to all my normal activities.”

Stephanie Proulx – Sciatica Operation

Stephanie’s search for a treatment for her sciatic pain led her to having a procedure done at Spine Institute NW.

“The pain was so bad by that time that I just didn’t do much so my house was certainly affected by it. I didn’t do a lot of vacuuming and laundry and a other chores that I would normally do…now it is starting to look good again. My back and my sciatic (pain), I don’t even feel it..I’m feeling much better now.”